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Public Safety Case Study by Roy Murphy, CPP

Recently Roy completed a seven-month assignment as the Interim Senior Director of Campus Safety, at a Four (4) year, Liberal Arts College in Connecticut. He was responsible for the management of an In-House Security Force, the Physical Security Program and the College’s Emergency Management Program. During this

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Saving Time and Lives with Direct-to-Responders Alarms

As school shootings continue to plague American communities, both large and small, school administrators and security experts need to look at the issue of minimizing risk from multiple angles. One of the most important issues is how to help or enable local law enforcement to respond as

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Supporting Temporary Workers with Full-Time Security

(David Cullen, a contributor to the following article for Security Magazine) As enterprise security leaders know, many of their employees are badged and enter and leave facilities through an electronic access control system As enterprise security leaders know, many of their employees are badged and enter and

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Major Tax Incentive for Security and Safety Systems

The team at ISI wanted to pass along the following information: Beginning in 2018, the new tax law allows many businesses to write off the full cost of security systems (Access Control Video Management, Locks etc) and Fire Protection and Alarm Systems as an expense for the

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New Video Regarding Security Topics

Check out my recent interview with Prema Nagathan and Ken Lavallee from Enterprise Bank regarding security topics.

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Kennebec Valley Chamber of Commerce Talk on Physical Security

Please join is on November 15th @730 am for a presentation on Physical Security:https://kennebecvalleychamber.com/index.php/all-categories/icalrepeat.detail/2017/11/15/10152/-/modern-mornings-breakfast-david-cullen-physical-security Cyber security may be more popular, but are you putting enough time, energy, effort, and resources in safeguarding your people, property, and corporate relations? David will give a presentation that reviews the components

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ISI Booth and Session Speaker at NEPPA Event

ISI will participate in the annual NEPPA E&O Conference today in Worcester MA at the DCU Center. The ISI team will staff a booth for the trade show portion of the event, with President/CEO David Cullen speaking in an afternoon session on Risk Management & Physical Security. Physical

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Violence in the Workplace and some Tips on Prevention

Thirty years ago, I began my career at Digital Equipment Corporation as a Northeastern Coop Student, having no idea what a TOV (Threat of Violence) was or even meant. Today, after being involved in a number of these situations, it strikes me as to the number of people

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School Safety

As we deal with another school shooting yesterday in CA, it is important to remember some of the changes that could lie ahead for your children. After Newtown and unfortunately so many others now, we need to help our children understand that schools are safe. We also need to

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Prevent Identity Theft from Happening to You at Work and Home

Identity theft at work is just as feasible as it is at home. In 2011, 36 million Americans experienced a data breach; whether the data breach occurred at home or at work is unknown. The number of U.S. data breaches tracked in 2016 hit an all-time record

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