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Business Continuity Planning

If a Natural Disaster, Work Stoppage or IT Failure were to occur at your business, how would you be able to deal with the:
  • Loss of your Facility?
  • Loss of your Technology?
  • Loss of your People?
  • Loss of your Vendors/Suppliers?


  • Do you have alternative work site contingencies?
  • How secure is your IT platform and what redundancies have been implemented?
  • If you experienced an exodus of personnel or a pandemic, who and how would your business continue to operate?
  • If a critical Vendor/Supplier closed its door or experienced a work stoppage, what alternative Supplier Strategies do you have in place?
  • When your company faces a loss of People, Property, Technology and/or Suppliers – What will you do?
  • Where will you turn?
  • How will you continue to operate your business?
ISI can assist you in identifying the answers and solutions to all of these questions and more.

Whether your needs center around a Gap Analysis or a Comprehensive Review, Development, Implementation and Training Program; ISI has the experience to guide you through the establishment of a comprehensive corporate Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plan.