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Training Services

ISI appreciates that the success of any Security and Life Safety Program is contingent upon an organization’s commitment to initial and on-going training. Training not only for Security and Emergency Response Team members but for the general employee population as well.

Our Training methods teach employees the importance on a personal level so they bring the same protection and mindset to their place of work. Employee Awareness is the key to a comprehensive security program and ISI offers an outsourced solution to meet your training needs.


  • Security Staff and Management Training
  • Incident Report Writing
  • Emergency Evacuation and Fire Safety Training
  • Customer Service as a first line of prevention
  • Travel Security and Executive Protection
  • Terrorism Training (Behavioral Pattern Recognition Training)


  • Protecting against Identity Theft and Social Networking
  • Security Awareness for the Non-Security Professional
  • Computer Security Training
  • Customer Service as a First line of Security
  • De-escalation Training – Management of Aggressive Behavior (M.O.A.B.)
  • Dealing with Workplace Violence
  • Active Shooter/Armed Intruder Table-Top Training