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DOD Contractor Case Study

The Challenge:

One of the largest Government Contractors was five (5) months away from a Regulatory Review of over a dozen different facilities in seven (7) different states. In a proactive fashion, they were seeking to commission an Independent, third-party review of each of the facilities to assure that they were prepared and meeting their Regulatory standards.

The Solution:

Within a week from an introductory conference call, ISI submitted an Action Plan Proposal that had our Team (as many as three per facility) deploying within two (2) weeks and completing a seven (7) state review process within a five (5) week window. In addition, ISI committed to delivering our findings report within Forty-five (45) days from our last day on-site; providing the Client with almost six (6) weeks for any follow-up activity.

The Results:

ISI completed our review and delivered our findings almost two (2) weeks ahead of schedule which afforded our client with a buffer to implement any of the corrective action items identified. The client shared that the Regulatory Review was successful and that ISI’ professionalism and proficiency was noted by all Internal Team members.