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Residential Case Study

The Challenge:

ISI was commissioned to complete a vulnerability and technology assessment of a large Residential campus containing 14 high-rise Apartment buildings. This complex provided housing to low-income tenants and was situated within a high crime area. Security had been allowed to deteriorate over time and resources were limited.

The Solution:

ISI’s report identified critical infrastructure needs (CCTV and Access Control) while working with the local PD and management staff to create the necessary budget considerations for a consistent security program moving forward.

The Results:

The findings and success from ISI’ assessment lead to a second engagement for the generation of a new RFP process. The New RFP allowed the client to maintain what was in place while integrating new technology to establish a platform for future expansion of the system. ISI identified a New Integration Partner, who provide local response and service at extremely competitive pricing that resulted in the client saving tens of thousands of dollars on the current and future projects. Working with the new integration partner, ISI was able to identify a single platform across multiple locations, compared to what had been previously proposed (at considerable cost) by other Integrators.