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Education Case Study

The Challenge:

ISI was contacted to review the existing security cameras and access for a MA school district in conjunction with the local Police Department. This project would also include the need for a policy review as it relates to access control and visitor management.

The Solution:

ISI worked with the Police Department and School District to outline a 1-3-5 year plan utilizing the existing technology where possible and defining a new platform that could be utilized by both the schools and all town departments (Police, Fire, Recreation, etc.).

The Results:

ISI identified a new integration partner for the school district, which took the plan outlined by our team to implement a new CCTV platform town-wide. This allowed for the greatest cost benefit by keeping those cameras that existed and were functional, adding them to the new system, while creating the necessary budget for replacement over a period of 3 years. It also outlined the path for the PD, FD, and other town services to tie into the school system allowing for better response and safety for students, faculty, and guests.

As a result of this project, ISI was also asked to identify an Armed Intruder/Active Shooter – Emergency Notification solution. ISI reviewed, then made recommendations which resulted in the acquisition and installation of an Emergency Duress Alarm System throughout the entire School System providing immediate notification to on-site faculty and students, off-site School and Town Administrators and the local Police Department.