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Retail Case Study

The Challenge:

ISI was retained to initially review a technology RFP created by a 3rd party for a large Retail client that had already broken ground and was in the midst of construction. After several meetings, it was determined that the initial process was flawed and the decision was made to rebid the project. Development of a new Security Technology RFP, as well as, identification of an appropriate Security Staffing Plan was needed and ISI was hired to perform these services.

The Solution:

ISI developed and managed two (2) simultaneous RFP processes for our client; one for CCTV/Access Control; the other for Uniformed Security Officer Service. Each contract was projected to exceed one million dollars ($1,000,000) in value. ISI also needed to vet potential bidders to identify the best service partners for our client.

The Results:

The ISI Team was able to identify inefficiencies in the initial RFP process which resulted in excess of $100,000 in savings to our client. ISI completed and managed both bid processes on time and under budget.