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Managed Service Solutions

Portfolio of Service Strategies:

ISI offers our Managed Service Solutions under a number of different economic models.

A Client can select from one of the strategies listed below and/or customize a program to better
meet their individual needs.

Fee-Based Model – Standard Rates

This is a single opportunity focused on one or possibly two facilities and specific with regard to purpose and scope of service. Duration of service is between 1-12 weeks.

Types of Projects:

  • Standalone Physical Security Assessment
  • Policy and Procedure Review
  • Risk Assessment
  • Security Audit
  • Vendor Audit
Project-Based Model – Preferred Rates

This involves multiple properties and any number of independent services. Projects are specific in nature and tied to a set service schedule. Duration of service is between 12-26 weeks.

Types of Projects:

  • Portfolio-Wide Security Staffing Review
  • Portfolio-Wide Risk Assessments
  • Oversee Procurement Processes – RFP Generation (Staffing and Systems), Vendor Selection, Proposal Review and Recommendation for Award.
Retainer-Based Model – Best Rates

This option is catered to the client that lacks the internal resources to develop and/or manage existing Security and Risk Management concerns. They also apply to multi-year construction and development calendars that require expertise in the design, procurement, implementation, and management of Security and Life Safety programs. Duration is for Twelve (12) months and longer.

Types of Projects:

  • Outsourced Security Management Services
  • Security Construction Design and Implementation
  • Vendor Audit
  • RFP Generation, Management, Implementation and Auditing
  • Development of Corporate Policy and Procedures (Standardization)