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Energy/Utilities Case Study

The Challenge:

ISI had initially been commissioned for the development and administration of an RFP process to identify a new integration partner for our client. Based on the success of that engagement, ISI was asked if we could assist them in with their compliance to PUC regulations. The client had a short window (90 days) to bring their documentation and processes into compliance and lacked the internal resources to complete this task.

The Solution:

ISI was able to provide the client with an Action Plan within 72 hours; which once approved by the client, resulted in ISI assembling and mobilize our Project Management Team within a week. With boots on the ground, ISI was able to review the Client’s corporate campaign, speak with Facility Teams regarding executable items and identified a timeline for corrective actions.

The Results:

Directly attributable to the work product provided by ISI, the Client received a fully compliant rating when the PUC regulators returned to evaluate their program. In addition to achieving compliance, our client now has a process that assures on-going management and metrics of its regulatory deliverables and standards.

In addition, ISI was also hired to conduct a Pre-Audit of our client’s DHS standards which resulted in a five (5) year recertification by the Department of Homeland Security.