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Philadelphia area Real Estate Developer takes steps to improve security

The Goldenberg group, a Philadelphia area real estate developer based in Blue Bell, PA with a diverse portfolio of properties was looking for a solution to improve the physical security services at their Parkwest Town Center located in West Philadelphia.

Parkwest Town Center is one of the most exciting retail projects to have been developed in the West Philadelphia area with 339,000 square feet of retail spaces on 29 acres.

The Goldenberg Group turned to ISI for direction and assistance. “I have known Vince DiPiero for almost 30 years and relied on his expertise over the years so turning to him and ISI for assistance with this project was the best solution for The Goldenberg Group” said John Ahle, Vice President of Asset Management.

ISI was contracted to develop a new scope of work that included a higher level of performance standards, incorporation of state of the art security technologies, industry recognized training curriculum and a proven local management team that is proactive and available 24 hours per day.

“Based on my knowledge of the area, the needs of the client and the local security resources available that were capable of providing The Goldenberg Group with the level of security services and technology they desired, extensive vetting needed to be conducted in order to find the proper participants to this request for proposal” said Vince DiPiero, Senior Vice President with ISI.

The RFP was sent out to a seven selective security companies for participation. Those companies included local M/WBEC companies and large national providers.

Each proposal was evaluated against the RFP requirements and given a numerical score.

ISI presented our findings and evaluations to The Goldenberg Group so that they could make their selection on a new company.

In the end, The Goldenberg Group will receive a much-improved security service, the implementation of new GPS based security technology to record, track and communicate incident reports, security patrol data, security officer daily activity reports and GPS tracking of the security officer’s whereabouts while on duty from a top national security company who is also committed to meet the developers economic opportunity plan by hiring local residents for this location.